Embracing Hurt

Today it hurts and that's ok.

I find myself laying here at the end of my weekend.  I'm slightly tired, drawn, I have given a lot of energy lately, happily and with purpose.  But I feel sad.  It is not overwhelming me because I know it's place.  I know it's origin and I accept it for what it is.  A moment in my life that I can put where it belongs.  I can allow it to be and know it is not all that I am.  Today has passed in minutes, in seconds, many of them great.  I will not allow this feeling to consume my day or the memories of it.  It will only own the time I spend acknowledging it.

I can be sad, it's ok to be sad.  It is a real emotion that is far less desirable than others.  It does not have to come with the title of depression and if it does that is also ok.  There are losses.  There are voids and people that I miss.  There are struggles I face, that people I care about face.  They sometimes make me sad and that's ok.

I can allow myself to be uncomfortable.  I don't need to always be in control.  I can accept moments that force me to cope, to identify what is inside me and allow it to guide me towards the balance I need.  These feelings are important, I do not need to fear them.  They are there to remind me.  They are reminding me to put myself in check and to care for myself with the same love and compassion I would like to offer others.

Today there is hurt, but hurt is not defining today!


  1. Kendra, I've been following along, and I'm so proud of your bravery. Sharing this stuff can be so tough, but it's important we do. So bravo! And Bravo for taking away it's power as often as you can. I know how it feels, I blog about it too. Sometimes just knowing, instead of focusing on changing it, is success enough!

  2. Thanks. Often hard to remember for me.

  3. Kendra--your thinking is bang-on and very helpful to others that need to hear that it's alright to be sad, especially from a role model like you!! Years ago Scott Peck wrote "The Road Less Travelled"...you echoed what he said many years ago----"Life is difficult, but once you accept it, life becomes not so difficult".
    Thank you---dz

  4. "Tears are words that the heart can't express"