we spend a lifetime finding ourselves
drawing into this theory
that we can be understood
defined by words
in terms
of ignorance
answers we offer
to other for acceptance
the unknown evoking a fear
i challenge you to find me
within the walls of normal
a search in vain
for it's outside of your existence
don't try to find me in a word
but understand me
in your heart


Remember Why

Sometimes the most simple of concepts get beyond our daily lives.  I just signed onto Facebook and saw a friends status change in my news feed, it read; "Remember why you play."  Now this friend happens to be a teammate of mine and I can likely deduce from this that she may be referring to hockey but for some reason this evoked emotions beyond that for me.  Not that I often "forget hockey" but for the argument of where this just took me I'm putting it aside.

Remember why.

It's such an important reminder and although "practice what you preach" hits about as high on the cliche metre as I can get, it's something I sometimes lose in the chaos of daily life.  Sometimes we forget.  We start to get complacent in our routines and forget why.

Why do I get up and go to work in the morning?  Why do I message with my friends throughout the day?  Why do the I use the words I love you?  Why did I decide to share my story and recount some of the worst moments of my life?  Why do I take time to just be alone with myself?

It takes one simple reminder, remember why.

Because finally, I can.

I am so grateful on this journey that I seem to be meeting all of the most incredible people and continue to be inspired each and every day.  Thank you.