This journey has taught me there is no use for my silence anymore.  To hide the truth is only to perpetuate the lack of education regarding Mental Health.  People do not understand and so exists this "Stigma" we all fight against.  We need to keep talking, and so I offer my honesty...


Why does horror motivate?
How do we justify our insensitivity to the human condition
We prefer this world where people are polite
Hiding us from their story 
The truth that is their life

Come here
And sit for awhile
As long as you can 
My honesty
This is my life
This image you see 
Flashing before you

Call yourself my hero
Could you be my hero?
Look at me now
Laying here
This is my face
My body
Betraying me
Can you fix me
Save me
Wipe the tears 
Your vision
Of me
Let me introduce you to fear
It's that lump in your throat
That look in your eyes
I will not judge you
Take my hand
Let me console you
Let me be your hero
I will carry you through 
The horror you see
In me